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Our service locations cover a majority of the eastern time zone, with expectations to move further north and south by 2015. Our main office is located in Salisbury, NC with a team that services over 400,000 square miles on the eastern seaboard. Established in 2006, we’ve had a consistent presence on construction sites from Florida to New York, Tennessee to the coast.


“If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, you won’t have time to fix it later.” This age old wisdom that’s tried and true should be THE motto in the construction industry, and our services are built around that principle. It is important that a project’s quality is properly managed for the benefit of all parties involved; the landlord, general contractor, sub contractors, municipality rep, and end user. A day’s worth of value is a sum of what was accomplished by an individual or team.  Building commissioning ensures that type value for a construction project.

Failing to plan is a plan to fail. The first step in properly engineering a project for an existing structure is fully involving all of the details of the the structure. Planning eliminates surprises, surprises lead to change order costs, and change order costs result in a construction project being over budget. A solid due diligence program helps a construction and engineering team aim at common goals.

The most common reason that remodels or up fits do not follow as planned are due to lack of communication relative to unforeseen challenges. It’s simply not as easy as building from the ground up – new – from scratch. In the haste of trying to meet deadlines and maintain open lines of communication, sub standard quality is propositioned and accepted. The quality of the commissioning service is only as good as the quality of the due diligence, commissioning verifies the scope of work and proper resolution of recommended deficiencies.

During a due diligence drain line assessment, the entire drain system; from the highest vent on the roof all the way to the city sewer tap is methodically inspected.  This will provide the details the design team requires to up fit the building to end user needs. The existing system is “benchmarked” which is pertinent during commissioning to determine which deficiencies are existing – or which are a result of the construction.  Typical drain assessment inclusions are as follows; full video inspection, high pressure water jet cleaning of drain lines and laterals, grease waste inspection to determine how an existing or proposed kitchen prep area is effecting the overall sewer system, vent smoke test to find and diagnose sewer gas leaks, 2nd level in house review of drain line video complete with as built drawing and detailed report, up fit / retro recommendations based on customer specs.

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