Vent Smoke Testing

Smoke Vent Testing

The sewer system was designed to collect waste from homes and businesses, not rain water or ground water. When rain or ground water enters the sewer system through cracked pipes, it takes up needed capacity in the sewer system, especially during heavy rain events. In severe cases, this can potentially cause sewer system overflows, which are an environmental and public health hazard.

Charleston Water Systems

Sewer System Smoke Testing

A unique service Crescent offers as part of its maintenance program uses smoke testing to find and fix cracks, breaks, and other problems with sewer lines. Our team in the field inspect pipes HD cameras and use smoke testing to locate cracks or deficiencies in pipes. The smoke is harmless, and on occasion smoke has been known to infiltrate vent pipes on roofs and buildings, but our process is safe, and our safety record proves it. If we find smoke coming from storm drains, rising from lawns, sidewalks, or the street, we’ve located your problem. For more info on how to try and detect a leak, or info on pricing, give us a call below.