“If you don’t have time to do it right the first time; you won’t have time to fix it later”. Everyone has heard this from a father, grandmother, mentor, or teacher. There is a ton of truth in that statement, and this is why and how Crescent’s attention to detail is as relevant now as it was when humans starting building things 47 million years ago. It is important that a project’s quality is properly managed for the benefit of all parties involved; the land lord, general contractor, sub contractors, municipality rep, and end user. A day’s worth or value is a sum of what was accomplished by an individual or team. Building commissioning ensures that type value for a construction project.

Failing to plan is a plan to fail. The first step in properly engineering a project for an existing structure is fully involving all of the details of the the structure. Planning eliminates surprises, in turn surprises lead to change order costs, and change order costs result in a construction project being over budget.  A solid due diligence program helps a construction and engineering team aim at common goals. Our due diligence services provide you with a knowledgeable middle man that evaluates the pitfalls and shortcomings that are common in the industry, providing accountability and professional oversight.

The most common reason that remodels or up-fits do not follow as planned are due to lack of communication relative to unforeseen challenges. It’s simply not as easy as building from the ground up (new “from scratch”). In the haste of trying to meet deadlines and maintain open lines of communication, sub standard quality is propositioned and accepted. The quality of the commissioning service is only as good as the quality of the due diligence, and retro-commissioning verifies the scope of work and proper resolution of recommended deficiencies, specifically for those structures already in place.